Arkansas Short Takes

Welcome to the home of Arkansas Short Takes, where you will find a series of short videos featuring stories about outstanding students, faculty and special points of pride at the University of Arkansas.

Best in Sight and Sound

Like the Razorback football team, the Razorback Marching Band puts in a lot of work to get ready for each game. Many may not be aware of that, but we can all appreciate why the band is often called “The Best in Sight and Sound.”

Time Scanners

National Geographic International and PBS turned to researchers from the University’s Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies to explore the world in a unique way, teaching us new things about the some of the world’s oldest landmarks.

Military Friendly

How does one of our nation’s veterans learn to become a student again – and succeed? A student-veteran at the University of Arkansas shares his story and shows why the U of A is one of the nation’s most Military Friendly institutions.

Visit the Veterans Resource and Information Center for more information.

Full Access

First generation college students and low income students don't always have a clear path to college. It's not even on the radar for some. The College Access Initiative at the University of Arkansas reaches out to these students, visiting high schools and bringing students to campus, while providing the tools and guidance needed to help empower them to apply, enroll, and graduate from college.

Transitioning to College

Making the transition to college can be tough on students as they work to make new connections, meet new friends and find out where to turn for support when needed. New Student & Family Programs offers that support in many ways, ensuring that new students experience a fulfilling and successful first year on campus.

Career Starters

University of Arkansas students interested in video production, graphic design, and social media careers are gaining real-world job experience while helping other students stay connected on campus. The UA Productions team offers this rare combination as it develops creative communications efforts for fellow students. After watching this behind-the-scenes feature, check out a sampling of UA Productions videos created for students by students.

Tradition of Scholarship

The University of Arkansas has an impressive track record of students earning prestigious scholarships and awards including being recognized as one of the nation's top producers of Goldwater Scholarship recipients since 2005. These awards provide U of A students with millions of dollars every year, helping them study abroad, secure graduate funding and gain valuable professional experience.

Diverse Opportunities

The George Washington Carver Research Program at the U of A exposes undergraduates from historically black, tribal and Latino serving colleges to the graduate level experience, while increasing campus diversity. For nearly 20 years, the initiative has provided these students the opportunity to work with mentors to conduct their own research projects and helped them decide if graduate school is right for them. 

Where Entrepreneurs Get Started

Many believe the University of Arkansas is home to the most successful entrepreneurship program in the world with a teacher known nationally as "The Coach" for her ability to help students and faculty turn scientific discovery, research and ideas into start-up companies. Find out what makes Carol Reeves and the U of A entrepreneurship program so strong in this short video.

Learn more about the entrepreneurship program at the University of Arkansas:

Building the Future

A major reinvestment in facilities creates new, expanded, and modernized buildings across campus. See what's changed and how students and faculty benefit from additions and renovations to Ozark Hall and Vol Walker Hall as well as the new student residence, Founders Hall.

Fight Song Celebrates A Century

The Arkansas Fight Song was created 100 years ago by a U of A student and his professor. The tune has helped connect generations of alumni and Razorback fans across the state and beyond. Singing along is encouraged: Hit that line! Hit that line! Keep on going…." 

Supply Chain Solutions

Students at the Center for Retail Supply Chain Innovation are helping Fortune 500 companies solve supply chain issues while gaining invaluable business experience in the process.

Patience In Action

Razorback cheerleader Patience Beard is not only a recognizable name in Arkansas, she's become an inspiration far and wide, earning national accolades and attention from around the world. She hopes her story will inspire you.

Unique Access To Art

Art students at the University of Arkansas have direct access to some of the world's most renowned works of American art thanks to the close proximity of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Find out how the university's Art Department is taking full advantage of this one-of-a-kind learning resource in this Arkansas Short Takes video.

Visit the following sites for more information about the Department of ArtJ. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Ultimate ROI

The Sam M. Walton College of Business leads the nation in the number of graduates who are employed at graduation. See what makes this program so successful in this Arkansas Short Takes video.

Visit the following sites for more information about Walton College, its MBA and Executive MBA programs, and the Graduate School

Trend Setters

Find out how apparel studies students are influencing all aspects of the fashion industry thanks in part to a unique combination of art and business.

Visit these sites for more information about Apparel Studies and Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences.

Mind Over Matter

Driven 18-year old prepares for doctoral fellowship after finishing triple major in physics, math, and economics. See Raymond Walter's amazing story in this Arkansas Short Takes video. 

Visit the following sites for more information about the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, Sam M. Walton School of Business, Graduate School and graduate fellowships at the U of A.

Extraordinary Fellows

The Bodenhamer Fellowship is one of the nation's most prestigious student awards. See why it's so special in this Arkansas Short Takes video.

Visit the following sites for more information about fellowships and the Honors College.

Global Understanding

See how Study Abroad opportunities help students gain an appreciation for different cultures, people and places around the world.

Engineering Better Healthcare

Students in the U of A's new biomedical engineering program have created a bicycle-powered testing device to help diagnose blood disorders. Watch the idea go from design to reality in this 90-second video.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Find out how U of A students and faculty are working with the UA System Division of Agriculture to help revitalize America's strawberry industry, ensuring fresher berries and helping farmers in Arkansas and beyond. The effort attracted attention from the Walmart Foundation which recently provided a $3 million gift to establish a national grants program to support additional research in this area.

Could Microbubbles Save Your Life?

Kristin Kovach's research might lead to a breakthrough in treating blood clots.

Kanesha's Passion: Part Art, Part Science

College is a time of exploring interests and discovering new passions. Honors College student Kanesha Day has found those in two very different areas.

Documentary Filmmaking's Dynamic Duo

Award-winning filmmakers Larry Foley and Dale Carpenter share expertise with U of A students, help mold future broadcast journalists.

Campus Transformation: $1.3 Billion In Improvements

See how students and faculty are benefiting from an unprecedented investment in new construction and facilities enhancements at the University of Arkansas.

Helping Entrepreneurs Find Investors

How do you transform a new startup company into a polished business? That's what the ARK Challenge is all about. 

Mike Norton Has Big Aspirations, Bright Future

Mike Norton, an Honors College student majoring in agricultural economics and business in the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences, has benefited from life-altering experiences as a part of his undergraduate experience at the University of Arkansas.