Arkansas Short Takes

Welcome to the home of Arkansas Short Takes, where you will find a series of short videos featuring stories about outstanding students, faculty and special points of pride at the University of Arkansas.

Natural Inspiration

Students and faculty in the Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design honored Jones and his mentor, Frank Lloyd Wright, by building a permanent structure on the grounds of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The creation, a viewing pavilion to complement Wright’s Bachman-Wilson house, is the result of a unique partnership between the museum and the University of Arkansas.

4,000 Photos Per Game

For nearly 30 years, alumnus James Smith has been taking photos – lots of photos – of the Dallas Cowboys. He estimates he takes about 4,000 each game day. Smith honed his photography skills at the University of Arkansas in the ‘80s while also preparing for his “day job” as a financial analyst.

Tackling Concussions Head On

Some fans, coaches and teammates still praise those who stay in the game after getting their “bell rung,” but there can be major consequences for those who continue to play with a concussion. Educating parents, coaches and athletes on how to identify and treat concussions is crucial to player safety.

Razorback Game Day

The SEC is home to some of the most unique traditions and most passionate fans anywhere. Razorback fans are best known for calling the Hogs, but that's just one of the traditions that makes Fayetteville so special on game day.

A Life-Changing Summer

Summer is no vacation for University of Arkansas students who travel to one of the world’s most poverty-stricken regions to help a community in need. The Mozambique service learning project gives agriculture, business and engineering students the opportunity to use what they learn in the classroom to make a difference in the lives of others facing extreme conditions. The results are life-changing.

For more information, visit the service learning website. To recieve information about service learning opportunities through the Honors College, visit the Honors College website.

Transitioning to College

Making the transition to college can be tough on students as they work to make new connections, meet new friends and find out where to turn for support when needed. New Student & Family Programs offers that support in many ways, ensuring that new students experience a fulfilling and successful first year on campus.

Extreme Caver

You can’t thoroughly study underground water resources from behind a desk. Instead, you have to go where the water is – deep underground, often moving through difficult-to-navigate cave systems, sometimes for weeks at a time. The preferred skill-set for this type of research includes expertise in hydrogeology, physics and scuba diving balanced with a desire for exploration and adventure.

Take a field trip to places few have ever seen with University of Arkansas associate professor Matt Covington, one of the world’s only speleophysicists.

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